Apple iPhone 15 Series Hardshell Bear Plastic iPhone 15 Cute Phone Case


SKU: WY-2409 Category:
Type Hardshell
Product Color Blue
Compatible With Magsafe No
Function Anti-fall Case
Applicable Brands Apple
Category iPhone 15 Series
Style Cute
Material Plastic
Popular Elements Bear
Applicable Model iPhone 15
Department Phone Case

Is It Customizable? Yes. Make a statement with our customizable pattern phone case, featuring an array of designs for you to personalize your device. Showcase your creativity and individuality while enjoying reliable protection.

Department: Phone Case. Unleash creativity with our DIY phone case, allowing you to personalize your device with photos, artwork, or any design of your choice. Express yourself with a truly unique and one-of-a-kind accessory.

Applicable Series: iPhone 15 Series. Elevate your device with our independent design, a phone case crafted to be as unique as you are, ensuring your iPhone 15 stands out with its fashionable appeal.

Popular Elements: Bears. Elevate your phone’s style with our bear pattern case, a visual symphony of bear-inspired patterns and contemporary flair. From subtle bear arrangements to bold designs, each case is a statement of untamed elegance that complements your device with finesse.

Type: Hardshell Phone Case. Elevate your professionalism with our refined hardshell phone case, a perfect marriage of sophistication and durability that suits any business or formal setting.

Applicable Brand: APPLE. Chic and Functional iPhone Cases. Unleash the perfect combination of chic and functionality with our iPhone cases. Elevate your device’s aesthetics while ensuring it stays safeguarded from the challenges of daily life.

Material: Plastic Phone Case. Experience the perfect blend of elegance and resilience with our plastic case, carefully designed to provide a sophisticated appearance without sacrificing the sturdiness required for daily use.

Function: Anti-fall Case. Walk confidently with our anti-fall function phone case, a reliable companion that shields your device from drops. Prioritize safety without compromising on style, ensuring your phone remains protected in any scenario.

Style: Cute Phone Case. Immerse yourself in the world of cuteness with our charming phone case options. From cute animals to heartwarming illustrations, each case is a celebration of adorable patterns.

Weight 1 kg


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