Apple iPhone 15 Series Phone Case Plastic iPhone 15 Pro Vintage Hardshell Lattice


SKU: WY-2447 Category:
Type Hardshell
Applicable Brands Apple
Product Color Blue
Compatible With Magsafe No
Style Vintage
Category iPhone 15 Series
Popular Elements Lattice
Department Phone Case
Material Plastic
Function Anti-fall Case
Applicable Model iPhone 15 Pro

Material: Plastic Phone Case. Our plastic phone case embodies the perfect fusion of reliability and style, providing a durable shield for your device while exuding a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Applicable Series: iPhone 15 Series. Add a pop of personality to your iPhone 15 with our lively and playful designs, ensuring your device radiates energy and style with every glance.

Is It Customizable? Yes. Enjoy the flexibility of style with our customizable pattern phone case. Switch between patterns to suit different occasions, giving your device a fresh and personalized look whenever you desire.

Applicable Brand: APPLE. Fashionable Safeguards for Apple iPhones. Safeguard your iPhone in style with our fashionable range of cases. From classic designs to trendy patterns, our cases add a touch of fashion to your device while ensuring top-notch protection.

Style: Vintage Phone Case. Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of vintage charm with our Vintage Phone Case collection. From antique lace patterns to art deco marvels, each case is a visual journey through the classic styles that have stood the test of time, ensuring your device becomes a timeless accessory.

Type: Hardshell Phone Case. Embrace the future with our hardshell case design, ensuring your phone remains on the cutting edge of style and innovation.

Popular Elements: Lattice. Elevate your phone’s aesthetics with our lattice case, where precision meets design. The lattice pattern adds a timeless charm to your device, creating a sleek and stylish accessory that stands out in any setting.

Department: Phone Case. Elevate your device’s safety with our patterned phone case collection. Designed for robust protection, each case offers a visual treat with a variety of patterns, ensuring your phone remains secure in style.

Function: Anti-fall Case. Elevate your phone’s defense mechanism with our anti-fall case. Crafted for the unexpected, it mitigates the impact of falls, keeping your device safe and sound in the palm of your hand.

Weight 1 kg


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