Apple iPhone 7 Series Lattice iPhone 7 Plus Hardshell Plastic Phone Case


SKU: SX-109 Category:
Category iPhone 7 Series
Applicable Brands Apple
Applicable Model iPhone 7 Plus
Product Color Colorful
Compatible With Magsafe No
Style Trendy
Department Phone Case
Material Plastic
Function Anti-fall Case
Type Hardshell
Popular Elements Lattice

Introducing our Trendy Lattice Phone Case, specially designed for the iPhone 7 Plus. This hardshell case combines a modern trendy style with reliable functionality, providing excellent protection for your device while featuring a stylish lattice pattern.

Crafted from high-quality plastic material, the Trendy Lattice Phone Case offers durability and long-lasting performance. Its sturdy construction ensures that your iPhone 7 Plus remains shielded from accidental drops, impacts, and scratches, while maintaining a slim and lightweight profile.

The case features a captivating lattice pattern, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your device. The intricate geometric design creates a visually appealing aesthetic, making this case a perfect accessory for those who appreciate trendy and fashionable designs.

Available in a colorful palette, this case adds a vibrant and playful touch to your iPhone 7 Plus. The combination of various colors in the lattice pattern creates a lively and eye-catching look, reflecting your unique sense of style and personality.

Designed with precision, this case perfectly fits the iPhone 7 Plus, providing easy access to all buttons, ports, and features without any hindrance. It offers a seamless user experience while ensuring your device remains secure and protected.

Equipped with anti-fall functionality, the Trendy Lattice Phone Case provides an extra layer of protection against accidental drops. With this case, you can confidently carry your iPhone 7 Plus, knowing that it is well-guarded.

Although this case does not support Magsafe compatibility, its trendy design and anti-fall feature make it an ideal choice for those seeking both style and protection for their iPhone 7 Plus.

What sets this case apart is its customizability. You have the freedom to personalize it according to your preferences, allowing you to add a unique touch that reflects your individuality. Whether you want to experiment with different colors or add your own personal touches, this case allows you to create a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Choose our Trendy Lattice Phone Case to add a touch of style and sophistication to your iPhone 7 Plus. With its trendy design and reliable functionality, it is the perfect accessory to showcase your fashion-forward approach while keeping your device protected. Embrace the beauty of the lattice pattern with this versatile case, and let the colorful palette represent your vibrant and dynamic personality for your iPhone 7 Plus.

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